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As college enrollment deadlines are approaching, seniors now face the question of where to dedicate the next four years of their lives. After months of anxiety and effort to gain an acceptance, the decision of where to commit is the final step of the arduous process.

In order to allow prospective college students to obtain the optimal “college experience,” colleges host a visiting day as well as overnight trips for admitted students. These events allow students to explore the campus life, the college setting, and sit in on certain classes.

“I got to see the campus [of Notre Dame] and it also gave me a chance to see if I want to spend the next four years there. It was a really fun experience and I got to see the night life,” commented Ryan Gurbatri who has committed to Notre Dame. “Most of the visits I went to were the same overall and didn’t give me a good feel of what the school was like, but I was invited to stay the weekend at a couple of schools. When I stayed the weekend I got to meet all of the current and future students and got a really good feel of the college and had a lot of fun,” agreed Jake DiCicco.

Even with these opportunities to explore the campus life, this final decision may not be blatantly obvious to every senior. Taking into account the academics, social life, research, cost, and future internship and job opportunities, this decision can be just as overwhelming as every other step in the process. “It’s definitely a major decision that will ultimately affect the rest of my life, from the people I will meet to the courses I will take,” added Sanjay Jonnavithula.

The struggles, tears, and immense stress of high school have all led up to this final decision: to be able to say that their hard work has finally paid off and to feel the excitement of being accepted into a greater student community.

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