June 19, 2024

Time To Spread The Thanksgiving Spirit

By Monica Chen

The essence of Thanksgiving is to feel blessed and thankful, surrounded by friends and family. However, for many families, Thanksgiving involves struggling to afford a festive celebration with their loved ones. The Interact Club holds an annual turkey drive as one such effort to provide families in need with a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. They do this by donating turkeys and gift cards to supermarkets, along with cards that are each hand-written in order to spread the spirit of the holiday.

To raise money for these families in need, the Interact Club sells coupon books and “Hills West Swag” bracelets to the students, and during events such as the parent teacher conferences, to the parents as well. “We are extremely exhausted by the end of the day, but thinking about the happiness that these families will be able to experience on Thanksgiving makes it all worth it.”, says Kristine Chacko, a senior here at West, and the treasurer of the Interact Club. Although the Interact Club does spread a positive and influential message throughout the school, “not enough people are involved in the Interact Club, and the money that we have raised so far for these families is not up to our maximum potential.”, says Kristine. More students are encouraged to engage themselves in this club in order to give back to their community through various projects and events to help their neighborhood.