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Dear Reader


Dear Reader,

Superstorm Sandy has reshaped our school year in many ways; moreover, the direct impact that it has had on the lives of so many Long Islanders has been devastating. Although many of us were forced to deal with inconveniences, there are still many on Long Island who are without power and a place to call home. Thus, The Roundup decided to help our Long Island community, as well as share the news that is pertinent to all of our experiences.

You may notice that this special edition issue has several advertisements.  These vendors have paid for these advertisements, and these funds are going towards the Long Beach School District.  The donations that you have contributed will be going there as well.

The Roundup staff has moved in a new direction, with our focus primarily being on the website (www.hillswestroundup.com) this year.  However, our goal has always been to inform the student body and Hills West community of the events that affect all of our lives.

It is in times of need like this that we can all come together to make a difference.


The Staff