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School’s Back In Business!


September 2021- school has finally gone back to “normal.” Everybody is back full time and there is no more virtual learning. It has been great to see full hallways again instead of the empty ones of last year. After-school activities have finally resumed and our clubs could not be excited to be reunited once again. And not only has everyone been back in school, things seem to be going back into their old routine. 

As the last one and half school years were greatly affected by Covid, all students have been eager to return to a sense of normalcy. Who would’ve thought that we would miss taking paper tests? Molly Bernal mentioned that she “learns a lot better on paper” and through hands-on activities compared to doing her work digitally.

Overall, there was a sense of anxiousness regarding the upcoming school year. Hills West junior, Ariana Beck talked about how there was a feeling of unpreparedness as there was “little education last year and her freshman year was cut short” but she aims to persevere and make the best out of this year.

Seniors started it off a little rough with a rainy senior sunrise, but continued to show their school spirit by wearing their pinnies and creating this lively environment. Leilah Burgher shares how “it’s really important for me that my last year here is special and that I get the most out of it.”

And so far that has stayed true with all the excitement of spirit week and homecoming. “The entire year so far has been super fun with everything the senior class has planned,” according to Morgan Hirschberger. Being able to come together and celebrate the hard work put in throughout the years is truly what excites 12th graders the most.

With the success of pep rally and homecoming, seniors are looking forward to whatever other activities may come their way. It can truly be said that the school year has started off with a bang. There is so much to look forward to this year for all of the students at Hills West! And while the seniors are putting together their college applications, we wish them the best of luck!