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College Fair and Covid


Everything has changed this year, from wearing masks in public to having online school, it is definitely something we all have had to adjust to. And while everything has been so rough, people have been making accommodations to make life seem as normal as possible right now. 

Junior year has been especially rough this year because of juggling classes online and in person, and having so much pressure from colleges to get the best grades possible. And while seniors have already started applying to colleges, juniors have only started thinking about college.

Every year, High School West hosts a mini college fair to help introduce different colleges to Juniors and to allow them to think of where to apply to. And while it’s scary to think about college, this is supposed to be an easier way to ease students into the college system. 

But because of coronavirus, things had to be adjusted this year. The college fair is now an online event where students can go on and look at what different colleges have to offer. Colleges are listed in alphabetical order from Alfred University to York College of Pennsylvania. 

And not only can students visit the pages of these colleges and look at what they offer, they can call in or set up virtual meetings if they’re interested. These college advisors are here to help students understand what they are about and make it easier for them to get to know college. 

This fair is sponsored by the North Shore College Consortium. They welcome all students to check out these colleges and encourage them to reach out to the college representatives with any questions.

It has been open since October 19 of this year and is still open to any Juniors who would like to check it out. It’s a great tool to use for people who aren’t sure of where they want to go yet. And while college is coming soon, it’s still important to enjoy your time in high school.