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Saying Goodbye to The Sports World for a While ):


Coronavirus has taken a toll on everything in the world including sports. Almost every sports league around the world has been suspended or cancelled due to this pandemic. 

One of the first athletes introduced to this virus was Rudy Gobert. Rudy is a Jazz player for the NBA who got the virus and may have spread it across the NBA. Gobert did not understand the virus so he joked around by touching everything days before. This initial case caused panic through the sports world and leagues and tournaments started to close. 

One major league that is important during this time is college basketball. Teams and players have worked months and years to get to March Madness and the tournament was cancelled to prevent the spread of the virus. This was extremely depressing for players, teams, and fans as it is their favorite time of the year. The players that are most affected by this cancelling are the seniors on the team. For them, they may never play the game of basketball again and never get a chance to win the championship.

Although these are just some situations, many other sports are on hold indefinitely. This is catastrophic because people use sports as a career, entertainment and as an escape from the monotony of their lives. Coronavirus has definitely caused havoc in the sports industry and affected many people.