December 7, 2023

Siemens Victory for Sadaf Ahmad!

Throughout the past years, the Siemens Foundation Competition has recognized many students of High School West, most recently senior Sadaf Ahmad, for their dedication and persistence in the field of scientific and mathematical research. The Siemens Foundation Competition is a prevalent and prestigious competition centered around promoting innovative research projects to inspire new ideas for the future amongst high school students.

Ahmad, currently a senior, is among one of 63 Semi-finalists in New York State who have been recognized by Siemens this year. Inspired by cancer research, Ahmad’s project is titled “A Transferrin-mediated FRET Assay for Specific Drug Delivery Assessment in Breast Tumor.”  She researched how to effectively target cancer cells and limit the amount of anti-cancer drugs supplied to cancer patients in order to aid patients diagnosed with this disease. “It was a nice surprise [to win] and I would really like to continue [pursuing this topic] in college,” commented Ahmad.  In early December finalists will be selected, and at that point, Siemens awards prizes.

Congrats to Sadaf Ahmad for her accomplishments and best of luck in December!