June 19, 2024
Homecoming Court 2012
PC: Photo Journalism

Homecoming weekend has come and gone. We look forward to it every year, all excited about it, but what is it? What had to take place leading up to the event? If you’re an underclassman, you might be wondering why the seniors were all so worked up about a pep rally and a football game, but there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. This year, the pep rally was on October 19th, with the parade and football game the following morning, but preparations for the event go all the way back to this past spring.  The SEC and Mrs. Alexander decide on the theme and date during their first few meetings in late May to early June. This gives the advisors of each grade time to plan over the summer, before the class officers find out the theme in September. This year’s theme was Olympic West, with the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman representing Rio, Athens, London, and Beijing respectively.

Each grade has two teacher advisers who coordinate their homecoming activities. However, Mrs. O’Grady is always the third adviser for the seniors. She handles everything regarding the homecoming court.  After the date is confirmed in the spring, Mrs. O’Grady plans for the court to be established two weeks prior, and the nominations to take place another week before that. At the end of September, she sends out instructions to any English teachers who teach seniors.  These instructions are for distributing the ballots, in which each senior writes their choice of three girls and three boys for the court. Mrs. O’Grady tallies the votes using a master list of names, determining an approximate top 20 list for each gender.

This year, there were 20 boys and 21 girls among the nominees. Following this, the teachers received the final set of ballots, where each senior votes for five girls and five boys for the court. The first school day after the vote, the court is announced, and the princes and princesses are called to a meeting. They receive their checklists, and officially start preparing for homecoming weekend. The students are asked to decide the couples amongst themselves, and tell Mrs. O’Grady the final pairs. They also have to submit short bios that the SEC will read during their entrances to the in-school assembly. The purpose of these bios is to provide the seniors with information on each court member, allowing them to make an informed decision when they vote for King and Queen.  The vote takes place afterwards, and students are asked to vote for one boy and one girl for King and Queen.  After the assembly, the couples’ next responsibility includes preparing their music, costumes, and layout for the skit they will perform at the pep rally. As for the day of the football game, they have to make arrangements for the car they will be arriving in at the parade. The King and Queen are announced right after the football game.

Mrs. O’Grady shared that the court is always a very diverse group, with students of different strengths from all areas of the community. She also said, “Voting should be what the students really feel, not what they’re pressured to do by campaigns.”  This is why there is always minimal advertising for the homecoming court in an effort to decrease campaigning.  When asked if all the planning becomes overwhelming, Mrs. O’Grady replied, “Oh, it’s quite exhausting, but so much fun! It all turns out to be a great weekend, so I hope everyone comes out for the pep rally, the parade, and the game!”

This year’s senior homecoming court was: Ana Alhoud, Joshua Alphonse, Frank Cormio, Max Cortina, Jhan Crepsac, Randy Davis, Terrance Daye, Julia DiMaria, Greg Georges, Corinne Gologursky, Tyler Grimaldi, Brooke Grossman, Alyssa Jaghab, Nicole Jaghab, Jeffrey Kautz, Moumita Khondaker, Sabrina Macchio, Heather Minton, Mia Pitsironis, and Roman Tirone. Homecoming King and Queen are Jeffrey Kautz and Mia Pitsironis.

Congratulations to everyone!