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Nous Adorons Caroling (We Love Caroling)


The week before Winter Break is undoubtedly one of the greatest weeks of the school year. But, contrary to popular belief, the highlight of this week is not the anticipation of the vacation to follow, but events during the week itself. Of course, with temperatures low and spirits high, everyone waits excitedly for the ten day break away from school, but this is incomparable to joy that is brought by High School West’s greatest tradition: Classroom Caroling. Every year on the last Friday before vacation, Madame Houston and Mrs. Terracina take their language students around the school to serenade instructional classes as per request of class teachers, hence the term Classroom Caroling. This year, Mrs. Terracina’s Italian students were not able to participate as she was on maternity leave, but this did not stop the caroling from being a success.

Madame Houston began preparing her students to carol as early as a week ago. All students participated, and they practiced their three holiday songs during class. Caroling gives students an opportunity to learn their language in a non-traditional way. Each song was a French-translated song in celebration of a different holiday. Another important aspect of caroling is the costumes. Houston always encourages her students to dress up as much as they can. Being the spirited students that they are, they never fail to deliver. This year’s outfits included anything from Santa costumes to literal Christmas tree lights.

Students and teachers always thoroughly enjoy this event. It reminds everyone that High School West is a community that likes to have fun. This opinion of caroling did not change this year and hopefully never will.