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White Christmas 2018?


Each December 25th morning, adults and children alike awake in their beds and tear open their windows in hopes of a blanket of bright, breathtaking snow. A vision of a White Christmas never fails to elicit an unparalleled sense of comforting tranquility and humbling unity as families sit by a warm fire sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows and children dress in layers before they go out in the snow. But will our dreams come true this year?

A White Christmas is officially defined as an inch or more of snow on the ground by Christmas morning. Some lucky locales—like Aspen, Colorado—have a historical probability of 100% for a White Christmas. Here on Long Island, however, we are not so fortunate; in any given year, there is a 10-15% chance of a snow covering on the morning of Christmas Day.

High School West statistics and computer science teacher Mr. Maroney has some education and experience in meteorology and works with Hills West Media to provide High School West students with accurate weather predictions. When asked about the chances of a White Christmas this year, Mr. Maroney acknowledged that the odds of snow on the 25th are rarely high on Long Island, but he remains hopeful, predicting, “We have a storm leading into Christmas Day, so there is a better shot than most years even though warmer air is trying to spoil the party.”

Additionally, Mr. Maroney believes that “winter will be colder and more active than normal starting in January.” Mr. Maroney runs a page on hillswestroundup.com in which he covers and forecasts major weather events that could potentially lead to school closings or delays. So make sure to check it out frequently!

As Bing Crosby sings in “White Christmas”—the best-selling single of all time—”May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white.”