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With Spring Comes Stress!


It’s finally spring, which means the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and summer is just around the corner. Many students are beginning to finalize and discuss summer plans, look for jobs, or get ready for summer camps or teen tours. However, with all of this excitement comes stress, as we approach AP exams. The first exam is May 7, with every other exam occurring in a two –week span. These three hour tests are packed with questions, making time management an issue. Not only do students need to recall all of the difficult, college-level information they have learned this year, they have to work quickly in order to finish. On top of all of that, the questions are usually worded in a way that makes it even more difficult to identify exactly what you are being asked. This means that students need to study hard, and work to the best of their abilities. Many students get review books, study with friends, and practice questions in order to prepare themselves. They also will figure out ways to manage time, such as not spending too long on one question. When asked what scares students the most about the exam, Brooke Morrell, a sophomore, said, “I struggle most with the time management because it adds a whole new level of stress to the exam. You don’t get enough time to fully analyze each question without feeling rushed, or worrying about not finishing.” She plans on studying with review books and by answering practice questions. Her strategy is to try her best, and pace herself throughout the test. Allison Cao said, “What stresses me out the most is all the content and info that I need to know. There is so much to study in so little time, which is scary.” She plans on reviewing a little bit every day. She is going to read through review books, highlight important details, and make review sheets. She is also going to try and pace herself, and answer questions without looking at the choices for the ones she knows. AP exams can be super stressful, but many students come up with study plans, and test-taking strategies in order to do the best they can.