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Winners of Senior Superlatives!


Finally, the senior superlatives!

The time has come where all of the seniors have the privilege of voting for their peers of who they believe is most deserving of the title. The winners for superlatives for the class of 2016 are:

Best Dressed: Emily Orlando and Josh DeJesus

Cutest Couple: Drew Rosenzweig and Renee Pino

Best Smile: Jacob Willinger and Jamie Aborea

Best to Bring Home to Parents: Kenneth Meserole and Dana Winthrop

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: AJ Leva and Raquel Golinowski

Most Friendly: Frankie Marone and Dana Winthrop

Most Funny: Steve Merkouris and Leeyan Redwood

Most Likely to Be Late to Their Own Wedding: Matt Connolly and Michelle Levy

Dynamic Duo: Evan Alcazar and Trevor Anton

Mr. and Mrs. Hills West: Katina Cokinos and Christian Tirone

Most Artistic: Jason Greenburg and Rena King

Most Musical: Justin Zelamsky and Sari Beth

Most Likely to Be Successful: Drew Tucker and Victoria Sacchetti

Most Likely to Be a Famous Athlete: Leeyan Redwood and Brandon Volk

Best Person to Be Stuck in an Elevator With: Andrew Faber and Jessica Barone

Most Likely to Be Famous: Christian Tirone and Athena Priftakis

Congratulations to everyone who won!