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SAT Cancelled

Photo Credit: www.modgnews.com
Photo Credit: www.modgnews.com

On January 22nd, the SAT scheduled for January 23rd was cancelled throughout not only Long Island, but in 22 other states due to the hazardous weather conditions. It is important to note that College Board did not cancel the SAT, but rather the Half Hollow Hills School District cancelled the exam as it was supposed to take place at Hills East. Many expected the test to be cancelled because of Winter Storm Jonas, yet no one knows what to expect about the SAT exam that will be administered on the rescheduled date (besides what College Board has briefly released on its website).

The cancellation resulted in chaos, as many were speculating on whether or not the rescheduled test will in fact be the “old” SAT that the test-takers registered for, rather than the “new” SAT that was scheduled to take place on March 5th. However, College Board has since confirmed that the make-up exam will be the “old” version of the SAT.

Another concern is whether the exam administered on the make-up date (which are determined based on the testing location) is the same as the test that was administered weeks prior in places where the SAT was not cancelled. It is fair to assume that the make-up test will not be identical to the previous administered, however, it will have a similar format since they both are “old” SAT exams.

Perhaps the biggest issue with the postponement of the test is that there may be students who are unavailable during the day of the retake. Students will be able to change the national administration of their exam with no charge. However, the College Board did note that this make-up exam will be the last version of the “old” SAT to ever be administered. Furthermore, if students are unable to attend the make-up date, they will not have the chance to take the “old” version of the SAT.

The cancellation of the January 23rd SAT has caused confusion and inconvenience to students scheduled to take the exam. Many students responded to the rescheduling of the SAT with excitement. By moving the test back to about a month later, students have been given more time to study for the exam. Hopefully, the increase in study time will prove to increase students’ scores. As of now, the date for most make-up exams throughout Long Island has been pushed back to either February 20th or February 27th.