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Parking On Suncrest


Juniors of High School West have parked on Suncrest Drive because the senior parking lot is off limits to underclassmen. Recently the families living on Suncrest have complained about all of the cars parked on the street outside of their houses, especially during the wintertime because the snow will take up space as well as the cars.

One of the residents on Suncrest went around the block asking his neighbors to sign a petition against parking on Suncrest. On October 6th, a meeting took place discussing the placement and issue with the “no parking” signs that may be placed all along Suncrest. Hills West parents are encouraged to go to this upcoming meeting and share their feelings on the idea. Joseph Sanfratello, a junior at High School West, is one of the first to park on Suncrest for the 2015-2016 school year. Along with Brandon Day, a junior, and David Bari, a senior. David does not park in the senior parking lot due to not taking drivers ed his juniors year. “It’s the street not their land, ” said David, when asked why the students’ opinions should come before the residents. “I wouldn’t mind it except for during the snow days because with all the snow compact on the sides of the street nobody can get in and out of their driveway or just drive on the road,” said David after he was questioned on how he would feel if he was one of the residents.

Mark Rollino, one of the residents on Suncrest, has been dealing with students parking for many years now. His family received a letter, along with everyone else who lives on Suncrest, to inform them about the situation and to show a map as to where the signs will be placed. Mr.Rollino, who attended the meeting on October 6th, said, “I will most definitely be at the meeting speaking against the whole thing. The signs are unnecessary and pointless. There will not be any signs on my property.”  When asked how he feels about the students parking on his block he stated, “The students parking on Suncrest is a privilege they get to have. They’re kids excited to be driving and that shouldn’t be stopped. Parking on my block does not affect me in any way. I’m all for it.” Some of the other neighbors who went around petitioning left no comment about the situation on Suncrest.

When parents attended the meeting on the 6th of October, they were told that the meeting would be rescheduled until November with no set date yet. “There was a board member that I had spoken to before leaving and discussed with them my involvement on the signs being placed on my block. There are a total of 5 board members and in order for them not to place the signs, 3 [board members] must argue against the placement of 71 signs along the road in order for them not to be placed.”

Now it is just a waiting game until their next meeting to see what they have decided to do with the matter of placing the signs.