April 22, 2024
Ryan Osvath, Malcolm Flynn, Cody Clarson
and the Dan Daly Cup.

Last June, three of Hills West’s own participated in the Dan Daly Inaugural Cup. The Cup was played in the honor of Sergeant Major Daniel Daly, who was one of only nineteen marines to receive the medal of honor, the most prestigious of recognitions within the navy – twice! Daly was born and raised in Glen Cove, New York and died an American hero in 1937. Cody Clarson, Malcolm Flynn, and Ryan Osvath are all currently seniors at High School West and were given the amazing opportunity to participate in the cup. The game was played at Glen Cove High School, and was also broadcasted on MSG Varsity.

The boys were three of twenty-two that made the the Suffolk County team for the cup, which is also known as Team Valor. For a week, the boys participated in strenuous practices and listened to inspirational speeches given by marines. Osvath, who plays attack, “It was extremely tough but it was nice getting a glimpse of how marines do things.” On June 21st, the boys were finally able to participate in the cup against their Nassau rivals who were referred to as Team Virtue. Flynn admitted that going into the game they had a chip on their shoulders. He continued by revealing, “We knew that we were playing for an American hero and it was just really exciting.”  In an exciting and competitive game, Team Valor and our very own won with a score of 15-7. Coming out with a big win on the end Flynn said, “We didn’t just win for us. We won for Dan Daly and his family,” while Clarson chimed in, “For Suffolk too!”

Playing together since elementary school, the boys have seemed to come full circle in their lacrosse careers. The boys described the experience as both an honor and a blessing. While giving back to their community and learning from some of the bravest people in our great nation, they boys all agreed that the experience had made them better players and better people. When asked about their futures in lacrosse, Flynn admitted he will be playing at St.John’s University and Osvath will be playing at Stony Brook Univeristy. Although Clarson loves the game, he said he’ll be focusing on schoolwork once he enters college life, however lacrosse isn’t completely off the table. The Dan Daly Trophy has been visiting the schools of each of the players on the wining team for two weeks. It now stands in Dr.Catapano’s office and will be there until March 16th. Proud to have brought home the trophy, the Flynn, Osvath and Clarson are assured that their upcoming and final lacrosse season here at Hills West will be nothing less than exceptional.