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PTA Reflections Contest


How can students make the world a better place? How far can you use your abilities in life? Five Hills West students took this question into consideration as they prepared for the PTA Reflections Contest. During this contest, Hills West students Laurie Tricamo and Michelle Zhang presented their works along with their short statement, “the world would be a better place if…”. These students were chosen for the HHH district level competition, each presenting in a different category. Laurie Tricamo, a senior at Hills West presented her photography piece called “No Time,” in which she captured clocks in black and white film using double exposure darkroom print.

“I believe that the world would be a better place if people had time to pause and enjoy the simple moments in life,” Laurie explained in her presentation.

After two months of hard work, Michelle Zhang composed her own song called “Simplicity.” The objective of this piece is to demonstrate how life starts off simple, but gets more complex and complicated as time goes on. To portray life’s contrasting nature in her piece, Michelle started off with a simple melody on the piano followed by the joining of two violins played by her peers Christina Chung and Anya Pawar. The song starts off simple with just the piano to be heard, but as the violins join, the simplicity is no longer.

This reflections contest allowed different artists of all aspects to demonstrate and reflect their abilities.