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The Ebola Epidemic

Photo Credit: www.channelstv.com
Photo Credit: www.channelstv.com

There is nothing more terrifying than a potentially life-threatening epidemic reaching your home state. However, Hills West students do not seem to be particularly concerned with the most recent outbreak: Ebola.

“It’s always been around,” stated Khalfani Louis, “but now, because it’s in the U.S., it’s exploded into this big phenomenon.” Hype has a habit of building things up to be more significant than they truly are, and many students feel that this is what happened with the Ebola virus. After all, it’s not airborne. Scientists have proven that, in order for the virus to spread, there must be some sort of human contact. This means the swapping of bodily fluids between an infected person and a healthy one.

These facts mean nothing to the majority of Americans though. Ebola seems to be sweeping the nation as the new reason to keep your children home from school and out of contact with anything that could be considered even remotely harmful. And students at Hills West don’t blame them. “The mortality rate is really high,” commented Aiden Lee. On the off chance that someone is diagnosed with Ebola, there is no telling what will happen.

Even if students at High School do not feel the need to panic for themselves, who are they to stop others from doing so. But as one student said, one of the best ways to stay calm is to remain confident in the United States’ medical field. Everything will surely be under control soon enough.