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Back to School: Mini Heat Wave


HHH: Hot, humid, hazy. As students and faculty eagerly returned back to High School West on Thursday, September 4th, a mini heat wave eagerly joined the excitement. After saying goodbye to a fairly cool summer, temperatures rose above 90 degrees on both Thursday and Friday, resulting in an uncomfortable first day of school. A few students shared their experiences with the Roundup:

Senior Anisha Taneja says, “The sudden heat wave did not surprise me, because for the past four years we have had severe weather conditions on the first day of school. Although it was extremely hot and uncomfortable, I was happy to be wearing the senior pinny, because it was very convenient.”

“My first day of high school was not as enjoyable as i hoped, due to the weather. Of course the one week where it felt like summer, we were stuck in hot classrooms,” says freshman Christine Seo.