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A Zombie Apocalypse in Deer Park?


One of the scariest year round attractions on Long Island is undoubtedly NYZ Apocalypse in Deer Park, located at right across the street from Tanger Outlets. It is a zombie survival experience where customers get to go through a jail that is infested with zombies. What are you armed with? A laser gun that is realistic with recoil and sounds. The workers treat you like a soldier, yelling at you and keeping it realistic as well as the zombies, who stay fully in character throughout the experience. It is definitely not for the faint of heart.  The manager of NYZ Apocalypse, explained to me how all the attraction runs, with over sixty individuals on staff, with an entire makeup and special effects department made up their professional staff. The zombies are covered in special effects makeup as well as prosthetics that make them seem as if they are missing pieces of skin. They crawl around and act like the undead. To get in and slay, there are three different packages, ranging in price from $30.00- $40.00 and the number of rooms that is possible to go through.  There is also an extermination package, which is $40.00, with total access to all the rooms with 900 shots of ammo.  Going with a group of friends is a blast. This is definitely an attraction that I recommend everybody should experience.