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After School Snacks


After an 8 hour exhausting day, the first thing that comes to a student’s mind is: what are we going to eat? Typically, students who are staying after school or participating in sports prefer to order Uber Eats food to the building. Why miss out on the opportunity to click a button, and get food delivered to your exact location in an instant? Choices range from the popular acai bowls to the pizza pies and countless other items you can select from.  If you are unfamiliar with this system, Uber Eats is an app that allows you to place your order online rather then go to the store to pick it up yourself. The food then gets delivered to your location in no time, which is why this option is extremely appealing to high school students. Uber Eats is a fairly new system, but it is catching the attention of many High School West students. As a district, Half Hollow Hills isn’t the biggest advocate for this system because the school is not an open campus. In a recent interview with Dr. Catapano he said, “ Here at Half Hollow Hills High School West we have a fully staffed kitchen with options for student’s diets. It is not necessary to deliver food to the building if we have it all right in our very own building.” He went into further detail about how another school he knows of  let their students use Uber Eats which resulted in a driver being arrested. Apparently the driver was fooling around on the job, and wasn’t acting appropriate around the high school students. Dr. Catapano and the other Half Hollow Hills administrators believe that we should limit the number of people on school property to keep our school safe. There have been many events on the news concerning school shootings and school threats, so it’s best that we monitor who comes into the school. The safety of our school is top priority, and letting uber eats come onto our grounds is potentially putting our student’s safety at risk.