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Netflix and Change


Netflix, the universal hub for films and series of all genres, has been undergoing changes in their selection of titles. For some time, Netflix has been creating new original works that are becoming more prevalent to the platform’s titles. The first Netflix Original series, “House of Cards”, which premiered in 2013 and from there has taken off more recently. Overall, many of the Originals on Netflix have been received with great praise and have been renewed for several seasons.

Cult classics, teen flicks, and memorable Disney motion pictures have previously been on Netflix for long periods of time and have also been well supported. Yet, in the past few months, iconic films have been removed from the platform. These items include teen classics like “Mean Girls,” “Clueless,” “Grease” and “Legally Blonde.” Finding out that your favorite movies or shows have been taken off of a popular network can be upsetting for fans. Sophomore Catherine Skinner was shocked at the fact that some of her favorite movies were removed from the platform. She felt annoyed once she found out this news because these are movies that she watches often and enjoys.

It appears that because of the shift in creating Original Series on Netflix, other films and television series have been slowly been extracted from Netflix’s selection of titles. Sophomore Julia Desimone states, “I think Netflix realized how successful some of their Originals have been and are now using that to their advantage. As for Disney movies, they recognized the success of streaming services and are now making their own so lots of Disney classics are off of Netflix. I know Hulu doesn’t do much of this and has a great collection of non-originals.”

Netflix is also planning on focusing and expanding on the science fiction and fantasy categories. Original series including “Stranger Things” and “Altered Carbon” are those that are very popular amongst viewers for this company which have brought in a lot of income. Many of the Original Series on the platform are science fiction or fantasy based which happens to be almost 30% of them. Other television platforms including HBO have utilized this tactic which is home to the very popular fantasy series, Game of Thrones which currently has seven seasons. In addition to adding older science fiction and fantasy movies to the app, many of these new shows that will be created and produced will be focusing a lot on space and the supernatural.

In turn, Netflix is changing along with the current times; it is just something that needs to be adjusted to.