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hqdefaultWhen anyone finds out that any beloved novel is turned into a movie, it is a moment worth acknowledging. Many people understand the struggle of transitioning from old to new no matter how long it takes, they learn to adjust.

This New York Times Bestseller, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio is now being adapted into a movie all about that.   If you haven’t read Wonder, it is about a young boy named August “Auggie” Pullman who was born with several birth defects, including Treacher Collins Syndrome, that cause him to have facial disfigurement. Because of this, he has been home-schooled. Once he turns 10 years old and it is time for Auggie to start 5th grade, his parents decide to enroll him in a public school. This novel documents Auggie’s experience in a public school for the first time and the challenges he has to overcome. With the encounters he has within his first year of school, the readers are able to realize how Auggie is such a wonder.   A major theme in this novel is kindness. Small, genuine acts of kindness can make a large impact on someone. These actions transform Auggie’s life and allow him to be known as a wonder to his family and peers.   If you would like to see this heartwarming story on the big screen, it comes into theaters November 27th, 2017.