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The End of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Era

Photo Credit: www.huffingtonpost.com
Photo Credit: www.huffingtonpost.com


We all know of Rebecca Black’s infamous hit single “Friday,” notoriously known for its excessive use of auto-tone and tacky lyrics. Released in early 2011, “Friday” had one simple message: to “get down.” Looking back on her old hit, the artist’s states with a positive attitude, “In all seriousness, ‘Friday’ was something that completely changed my life and as much as even I laugh at it, it’s not something that I regret doing.” Recently, Rebecca collaborated with Youtube artist Dave Days to create a good-humored parody of “Friday,” called (yes, you guessed it) “Saturday.”

The song starts with Rebecca waking up at 2 pm after a long night of partying on Friday.  She references “Friday” throughout her new music video, as seen in the shot of the cereal bowl with the lyrics “gotta have my bowl” written across the side. From a negative perspective, Rebecca’s new music video could be seen as a desperate attempt to garner attention; however, Rebecca’s attitude does not seem to reflect that claim. Possibly, Rebecca just wants people to know she isn’t the same immature girl in “Friday.”

Similarly to her old song where she informs us that “yesterday was Thursday; today it is Friday”, Rebecca again states that “yesterday was Friday; today is Saturday.” Despite the negativity and disapproval associated with Rebecca Black, her humorous yet humble approach to the endless stream of spiteful comments sets a remarkable example of overcoming bulling, especially on the internet.

 Fast forward to 2015, we might just be singing along to Rebecca’s new hits, “Monday”, “Tuesday”, and “Wednesday.”