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Knicks: Starting 2012-2013 Season Strong

Melo Kidd Felton

As of Friday, December 7th, the Knicks have a record of 14-4 and have beat the former NBA champions, the Miami Heat, twice.  It is clear that the New York Knicks are pulling off something special this year. As division leaders and inching closer to becoming conference leaders with every new game won, the Knicks are showing an astounding performance to begin the 2012-2013 NBA season. With vital players missing, the new faces on the roster cover up for them, and so far, they are doing a great job. With a bench that stacks up to the competitors, the Knickerbockers seem to have a guaranteed playoff spot if they continue to do what they have been doing.

The success of the Knicks is no fluke; with a coach that pulled them out of the gutter last season and a highly capable roster, they are advancing with ease. The point scoring machine, Carmelo Anthony, is showing his true colors, second in points per game only to the Mamba, Kobe Bryant. Tyson Chandler, showing his incredible defensive ability, is also leading the league in field goal percentage. With the defensive mastermind Iman Shumpert, and the strong, motivational Amar’e Stoudemire injured, the new faces of the team, Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton, are filling in the missing pieces. J.R. Smith, who last year was an impulsive move-maker, is now scoring points fluidly, and assisting his teammates to victory. The Knicks have been urging themselves to work together, and are not stopping until victory has been grabbed out of the hands of the other team. People are now asking, who’s Lin?