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Models: The Fashion Gurus of our Generation?


Models today are the face behind every brand. They are the ones who symbolize what the brands have to offer, and the attention they grasp help these brands gain popularity. Every day, people around the world consistently follow their fashion trends from hair to makeup to clothing to accessories. But, we often tend to follow the most popular models of our generation. The year of 2016 has brought in top-notch models who have influenced us more than ever. These people have earned love and fame from everyone around them. For these people, modeling isn’t mainly about fun, it’s about proposing what a brand is selling. By being a famous symbol of these brands, the models change our generation’s perspective on fashion.

Famous designer brands hire different models around the world to represent their clothing. These labels find people of different ethnicities, looks, personalities, and social standings to serve as a fashion icon. Once these models have gained recognition, they are easily the best way to bring attention to different types of fashion.

The celebrities of our generation are regularly posting pictures of their outfits and makeup looks on different social media platforms. Social media is by far one of the quickest ways to spread details of new upcoming trends. Fans of celebrities often check their phones to see what these famous stars are doing and wearing. Once people come across a stunning outfit, they immediately search the web for it. This is how models advertise their style.

Many old school trends have been brought back by various models. Which ones? There’s too many to count. One example of an old trend making its way back into our generation is chokers. In the 90’s, chokers were a very stylish accessory to wear. They are necklaces that sit around the neck, which adds a touch of edginess to an outfit. But you already know that considering an immense amount of people in the last year have been rocking this trend. A large group of models has added this touch to their everyday clothing, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. People quickly started following this trend from the moment it was brought to us through social media platforms like Instagram.

Although most famous brands attract lots of attention and admiration, a substantial amount of people can’t necessarily afford the clothing that they advertise. Since different styles of clothing that these celebrities publicize become exceptionally popular, smaller companies start selling dupes (a very close match) of these clothes and accessories. These dupes tend to be significantly less expensive than the designer brands sell them for but still do justice to the styles.

Not only do models affect how we dress, but it affects what type of products companies begin to sell. The more popular a product is, the more likely people are to copy and recreate the looks. This doesn’t mean people aren’t being original. Many people generally just take inspiration from these trends and use it to express themselves, making it their own unique look. Models today are the trendsetters for fashion. They easily influence how many people dress, and how they view the fashion industry. They are the face of fashion and continue to bring in new looks, prompting us to do the same.