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Fantasy Football: Week 4

| 09/29/2017 | 0 Comments

Welcome to Week 4! It’s hard to believe that after this week, the regular season will have finished its first quarter, so it’s time for fantasy reevaluation. If you’re 0-3, make some trades. Everyone on your team should be on the trade block. If you’re 3-0, maybe don’t give up your players as easily. However, […]

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Fantasy Football: Week 3

| 09/21/2017 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the infamous overreaction week.  After Week 1, any educated fantasy owner wouldn’t be too worried about any performances. However, after the second week of the regular season, there is a greater sense of consistency. For example, CJ Anderson has had two high-volume weeks in a row. It’s natural to cling onto players like […]

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Fantasy Football: Week 2

| 09/14/2017 | 0 Comments

The first week of the NFL season is officially in the books, and there were certainly some surprises on the gridiron.  Players like Kareem Hunt, Tarik Cohen and Stefon Diggs dazzled their way to Week 1 success.  On the other hand, disappointment was far from scarce, as Leveon Bell, Julio Jones and Rob Gronkowski all scored less […]

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Fantasy Football: Week 1

| 09/06/2017 | 0 Comments

About one week ago today, school was not even a thought in the minds of High School West students. Although it was under a week away at the time, summer truly felt in full swing.  The days went by, and school seemed to approach at a quicker rate.  Now here we are, in what honestly […]

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Fantasy Football: Year in Review

| 01/26/2017 | 0 Comments

It’s the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year.  As we approach 2017, we also are coming up on the end of the NFL regular season, and thus the end of the fantasy football season.  For most of us fantasy football players, the year is over.  However, for a lucky few, you are […]

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Senior Coach; It’s Not What You Think!

| 01/12/2017 | 0 Comments
Senior Coach; It’s Not What You Think!

All teams have players and all teams have coaches, and some teams even have player-coaches, or player managers.  However, it is very rare for a team to have a student that is a coach and only a coach.  With our 8-1 team comes a young man named Jeremy Shuster.  Shuster is a Senior here at […]

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Week 15: Boom or Bust

| 12/18/2016 | 0 Comments

It’s the second week of the fantasy football playoffs.  Making a start ’em sit ’em list is unfair, because no two teams are in the same position this week.  You can be losing by a decent amount, in need of risky, high-ceiling players.  You can also be in a position where you have a sizable […]

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Fantasy Football Week 14

| 12/11/2016 | 0 Comments

It’s really hard to believe that we’re in Week 14.  For many leagues, this is the start of the playoffs.  It has been a long journey, but these next few weeks will decide your fate in your league.  This means that each decision you make is magnified, whether on the waiver wire or setting your lineup. […]

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