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New Year’s Resolutions: Just Words?


It’s that time of year: decorations are being put up in homes, trees are being strung with lights, menorahs are being lit, and the entire community seems a little more jolly. With the end of year celebrations comes the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. Whether it be an academic, physical, or simply a personal goal, many people devise resolutions to improve themselves in the new year. However, are these resolutions worth all the built up hype but destined to fail? Although the purpose of these resolutions is to provide a fresh start for the new year and set goals to accomplish throughout the year, most people forget about their resolutions by February.

The first New Year’s resolutions could be traced back to the Babylonians, who every year would promise their gods that they would be good and pay off all their debts. In the 21st century, these resolutions are often overlooked but hold a significant importance according to mental health experts. Psychiatrists and doctors alike suggest that people set some sort of goal for themselves. They believe that setting a goal during the beginning the year will help one keep track of their intentions. However, on the high school level there are mixed feelings on the idea of new year’s resolutions. Sophomore Andrew Faber believes that New Year’s resolutions are only as important as the perosn’s ambition and dedication to accomplish desired goal. “I think it’s meant for a certain type of person. There are people who say that they will follow through with it, and then there are those who use it to feel better about themselves,” says Faber.

Although many are in favor of this end-of-year goal, others are wary. Some believe if one is unable to complete his or her goals, it lessens his or her self confidence. Others believe that today the new year’s resolutions are too superficial.  Sophomore Joey Montelione believes that resolutions, especially those for the new year, are too cliché. “If someone wants to set a goal, it does not have to be during the New Year specifically.”Freshman Giovanni Gilberti offered a more optimistic opinion, saying “I sometimes make new years resolutions. It is certainly good for people to make a goal and try to accomplish something.”

Whatever your take is on this “ancient” tradition, New Years resolution’s remain popular among all ages. So this year, be sure to sit down, think about your goals, and follow through with them because almost everyone agrees setting goals is a good way to better yourself as a person and achieve your endeavors. Good luck!

Below are some of Hills West students’ New Year’s resolutions:

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