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Letter From The Staff

Not Present: Jordan Camina, Monica Chen, Lea Silverman, Angela Pradhan, Matthew Sferrazza, and Mr. Doxsee – Credit: Photojournalism


Dear Hills West,

Congratulations on the end of a successful 2012-2013 school year!  It has certainly been an eventful year for all of us here at West.

At the beginning of the year, tragedy struck in the form of Hurricane Sandy.  In an effort to give back, the Roundup decided to ask for donations in return for a special edition Hurricane Sandy issue, and the feedback from the students and community was overwhelming. All the papers were sold and we were able to raise over $1200. The money will be going to two $600 scholarships to deserving seniors at Long Beach High School. The brains behind the operation was our sports editor, Jesse Scheinman. Scheinman planted the idea, and got several local vendors to pay for advertisements in the special edition paper, another first for the Roundup.

You may have noticed that we haven’t released as many print issues as in years past.  Like many clubs at West, we felt the effects of the budget cuts. However, the cutbacks have urged the Roundup to move in a more 21st century direction,with the effort being to bring the Roundup viral. We have definitely begun to move in the right direction- thanks to the students and faculty of West who have kept clicking away for updates, and to our video staff and video editor, Lea Silverman.

Now, as the year closes, you hold in your hands a very special print edition, the senior edition. Don’t deny it, the class of 2013 has been a wonderful one. Seniors, we hope that you will hold onto this issue whenever you want to remember where someone is going to college or just when you want to remember what your last few months of high school were like. For the rest of West, don’t forget about us next year. And by ‘us,’ I mean don’t forget to remember that sometimes life is bigger than a small computer screen. Sometimes it’s about holding a large paper.

This successful year at the Roundup could not have been made possible without the amazing staff here at the Roundup. Aanchal Gulati, Harry Kolk, Monica Chen, Sandhiya Kannan, Rachel Shuster, Lea Silverman, Jordan Camina, Jesse Scheinman, and Steve Reilly- thank you for an incredible journey.  All the staff writers, contributors, photo editors, and printer- you made this paper, thank you.  To the best two advisors, Mr. Riccuiti and Mr. Doxsee- we could not have made it here without you, thank you.

Thank you for reading West, and good luck seniors.


Editor in Chief