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On-Site Acceptances



With the start of December, high school seniors are definitely feeling the stress concerning college applications and acceptances. However, some lucky students have avoided the overwhelming pressure and uncertainty by participating in on-site acceptances.  On November 27th, representatives from Dowling College and St. John’s University came to West, waiting to interview and assess students to grant them acceptances. On December 11th, Suffolk Community College, and on December 14th, Nassau County Community College also came to West.

Many students were attracted to the fact that all who participated in the on-site acceptances were notified of their status at these schools as soon as the interview ended. “It was very simple. I really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to wait and be anxious to know the answer. Overall, I am very pleased with the way everything went,” said Reid Barnowitz, who was accepted to Dowling College and wants to major in marine biology.  He added, “[Even if I had not gotten accepted]…I wouldn’t have the whole thing hanging over my head for months. I got my answer right then and there.”


Grant Southard, who will also attend Dowling, appreciated the idea that he can now focus on other aspects of his future rather than worrying about college, “I think that the best part of the on-site acceptances is the speed at which you find out. Finding out right on the spot lets me focus on what I want my major to be rather than just hoping and waiting to see if I got in.”

The main predicament of the on-site acceptances is their lack of variability. Mr. Toles, one of West’s guidance counselors, commented, “The on-site acceptances are great, but lack the ability to be a main application process. This is because it will only work for local colleges or colleges with little to no campus. Also, students are only directed to these if their acceptance is more than favorable.” Due to these limits, on-site acceptances have become quite rare. However, Mr. Toles also appreciates the intention of them,“I think it is a very smart concept, even if it only appeals to a small audience. The benefits of not having…the uncertainty of acceptance or rejection is tremendous.”

On-site acceptances, though rare, do have many benefits that more students should experience. These acceptances allow students to avoid the typical stress of college applications. For the future, it is possible that on-site acceptances will be happening more frequently at West.