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Student ID Checkpoint

High School West-ID
High School West ID Card

If you don’t wear your ID, you might get stopped by Mr. Foti or Mrs. Romeo on a random morning. Being caught without it might result in detention.

School IDs are now being more enforced than ever, periodically being taken away and then reinforced, but why? “It’s for everyone’s safety. My main responsibility as principal is to ensure that you’re safe, I’m safe, we’re all safe here,” said Dr. Catapano. He believes that these rules are very important to follow and not wearing them could put our safety in danger. “The ID cards are one way to help ensure that we can identify everyone who is in the building, make sure that everyone who is in the building is supposed to be in the building.”

Freshmen who are new to the building are also new to this whole ID system. They need not be discouraged from wearing them, they are for the safety of everyone in the building. “We have different procedures than where they were last year, so they have to learn our system of procedures,” explained Dr.Catapano. 

One of these new procedures that is new to the whole building is the new locks on the doors. According to Dr. Catapano, “The staff IDs like mine and a few other staff members are going to replace keys. So we don’t have to use the metal keys anymore, very similar to a hotel where you just slide the card and the door will open.” While the students’ IDs will not be opening any doors, they are necessary to take out a book at the library and take out a computer. Hopefully, the student IDs will soon be able to open the bathroom doors, no longer requiring students to use the sign in sheet.

But one question that hasn’t been answered is, why aren’t students wearing IDs? Dr.Catapano claimed he doesn’t know why describing it as “baffling” and can’t understand why students refuse to put them on. Some kids have claimed to have been bullied for wearing them, and others have claimed for them to just be “uncool.”

What is most important to know though is that these IDs are important for school safety and that everyone should be wearing them.