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Peer AIDS Educates Candlewood


nyhaadcolorlogoAnother year, another Peer AIDS trip to Candlewood! On Friday, March 11th, the club ventured to Candlewood Middle School in order to “educate 7th graders about the the dangers of HIV/AIDS,” says club member Sofia Papastavarou. After listening to the presentation, students were able to understand ways to contract and prevent HIV/AIDS. Like every year, the visit to Candlewood was extremely successful and was well received by the curious 7th graders.

For starters, the club was able to create an interactive presentation. The famous line, “Blood, Semen, Breast Milk, Vaginal Secretion!”, was screamed throughout the halls following the lesson. Such is stated in order for students to remember the possible ways to contract HIV/AIDS. The club also discussed Magic Johnson and his HIV/AIDS story, which intrigued boys throughout the 7th grade. The Magic Johnson story enables students to understand the possibility of living successfully with HIV/AIDS, however, it also brings up the idea that even famous athletes can contract HIV/AIDS.

The club discussed prevention extensively. According to Papastavarou, the club promotes “abstinence as it is the principle way to prevent HIV/AIDS”. By educating 7th graders about prevention at such a young age, students are able to defend themselves against HIV/AIDS whenever a risky situation presents itself. The club also discussed condoms as well, in order to establish another way to prevent the contraction of HIV/AIDS.

By delivering such an interactive presentation, the club was able to successfully educate the students of Candlewood about ways to prevent HIV/AIDS. This is in important step in health education, as HIV/AIDS continues to affect more and more people. It is the job of clubs like Peer AIDS to continue educating the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community.