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The Colts’ Dynamic Duo


From Stephen Bowen and Javon Cruz to the present stars of Hills West Football, one thing remains constant; the Colts love their football. This year two players on the Varsity Football team truly embody this love of the game. Senior Anthony Lucarelli and Junior Cameron Jordan have been on fire this year, with an almost telopathic connection. Anthony, the starting quarterback on Varsity since his Sophomore year, is now in his last year at West. Cameron Jordan is starting on Varsity for his second year as Wide Receiver and Cornerback. Although they only have one year prior experience playing with each other, they look as if they have been playing together their whole lives. When asked about the team Cameron Jordan said, “I think we are playing at a high level and a lot of players are being exposed to their true talents and making us better as a team. We are more confident and everyone has a role on the team; we know what we have to do to be successful.” Lucarelli added, “This year we are more experienced and we had a lot of returning starters this year.” When asked about their connection Lucarelli said “Cam has made an insane amount of progress this year. Throwing to him is so easy and I think he should be one of the most feared players on the Island. I just feel so comfortable throwing to him,” and Jordan stated “We built up more chemistry together this year because we are more confident in what we are doing compared to last year.” Anthony Lucarelli, while having the second most passing yards in Suffolk County, owes most of his numbers to Cameron. Jordan, also among the top ten in receiving yards and touchdowns, truly dominates the secondaries, so much so that Lucarelli can throw it up and Cameron is almost always coming down with it. “Only time will tell what is going to happen, we can’t predict what will happen,” says Jordan. Agreeing with Jordan, Lucarelli adds, “We take things day by day, focusing on winning the day itself, one game at a time.” As the ultimate goal of a championship is on the horizon, the Dynamic Duo is going to play an integrral part in getting the team there.