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What Does Valentine’s Day Mean To You?


Valentine's DaySome people view Valentine’s Day as a day to spread love and appreciation, while other’s believe it is an arbitrary day also known as “Single Awareness Day.” February 14th, a day that is both celebrated and dreaded, is marked by the exchange of chocolate, flowers, cards, and other gifts. Many base their opinions on this day depending on their current relationship status, however, Valentine’s Day is not only for those in a romantic relationship. Valentine’s Day is a day to be grateful for friends and family, and a day to let them know they are loved.

When asked what Valentine’s Day means to him, senior Blake Topper responded, “To me, Valentine’s Day is a day where you can show those closest to you how much you love and care about them. For those of us with significant others, it is also a time to show them how much they mean to us and why we love them as well.” Diane Seo, Hills West junior, expresses, “Valentine’s Day means chocolate discounts are coming.” Emily Goodman, freshman, says “I look forward to Valentine’s Day, because every year my sister and I receive customized M&M’s and pillow pets from our parents.”

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day out with your significant other, or alone at home in your pajamas, do not forget to spread the love and tell those you love, that you love them. Happy Valentines Day!