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Snow Days Update


Due to the heavy snowfall this season, a total of five schools days have been cancelled. This year, our district must fulfill 183 days: 181 days of school and two conference/orientation days. Of course, five makeup days must be established to account for the deficit. As of now, only four school days have been confirmed to be in session: April 22rd, April 23rd, May 23rd, and May 27th.  The Board of Education has not yet decided what the fifth makeup day will be; however, our head office speculates it will be April 21st.

Further investigation suggests that the fifth snow day may not have to be made up. This notion stems from the idea that Governor Cuomo, on February 13th, issued a “state of emergency” for NYC and Long Island regions, implying another school day may not have to be compensated for. Nonetheless, whether or not the fifth day will be made up remains equivocal.

Expectedly, most students feel excited and joyful when they are told school is canceled because of the weather. Other students respond with anxiety, as school days usually culminate in missing important classes and review sessions. Stefanie Drinkwater says, “I get excited and happy for the day off, but also nervous if we’re doing a lot of work in one class or I have test coming up that week.” Jason Zelamsky says, “I always get really excited about snow days. I love the day off and being able to sleep in.”  Teachers think otherwise because it interferes with their schedules regarding their lessons. Mrs Arabian says, “it’s nice but it messes up with what I planned for that day.”