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Hills West Girls Basketball Loses to East Islip in the Final Seconds


This Wednesday the Hills West Girls Basketball played a thrilling game against East Islip. West’s starters senior Dani Desabato, junior Brittany Hodge, sophomores Alyse McAlpine and Samantha Pierre-Louis, and freshman Tori Harris, started off the game with high intensity. The girls were in their element and and had excellent defense, offense and overall teamwork. When asked about her team and their intense game Mia Inserra said, “It was intense. I mean the entire gym, the players and everyone in the stands were on edge.” The girls went into overtime where things continued to heat up. After Tori Harris was fouled and missed her free throw, East Islip responded quickly. With less then 5 seconds left in the game, East Islip had a long pass across the court and scored a 3 pointer right at the buzzer.  The ending score was  51-47, in favor of East Islip. Junior Sam Katz says, “It was a fantastic game that unfortunately ended on a lucky shot.  It is a shame we did not win, but we still have a few games left this season, and I know this team can pull through with a few more wins.” The girls have had their ups and downs this season, but even though they just lost they looked fantastic. Hopefully they can continue to play well in their upcoming games.