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House Fire in Dix Hills

On January 4th, two houses in Dix Hills caught on fire. The reason for this tragic occurence was the damagement of an splice box. One cesspool truck driver slid off the road after the blizzard on Thursday night, January 2nd, when the roads were extremely dangerous. As a result, the truck driver had slid from the road and got stuck in the snow. As an attempt to move the truck, he moved back and forth; unfortunately on top of an underground splice box. The damaged box then exposed the equipment inside and the movement of the truck created a surge. As a result, fires broke out in the basements of two houses on Randolph Drive. The power was turned off on the street and the residences on Randolph Drive were evacuated. Fortunately however, no one was hurt and all the evacuated residents of Randolph Drive were able to return to their homes safely.