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Clubs and Activities to Join Halfway Through the Year


Ever since sixth grade orientation, we have been told that our greatest goal in our high school career is to prepare for college. We have been bred to understand the requirements colleges hold for their applicants, to maintain a good average, be a good community leader, and be involved in extra-curricular activities. Half way through the 2013-2014 school year, many people ask if it is too late to become as involved in school as some colleges may hope? If you’re looking for a club that will spice up your college application, or just one that will allow you to make new friends, there are many opportunities for you to pursue your individual preferences in the form of clubs.

If you are looking to join a club now, there are many availabilities. However, your options are more limited than they were at the beginning of the year. While the school does present many opportunities for new members to join clubs, there are some clubs that are off limits to new members. For example,  DECA, a club for future business leaders, is not open to new members following the payment of dues, because you have to register with New York State to compete. While it never hurts to ask a club advisor if there are open spots in their club, note a good number of clubs at Hills West no longer accept members this late in the year.

Even if the club you had your heart set on isn’t accepting new members, many other exceptional clubs are. For example, any cultural or religious club is always open to new members of any faith. Alana Kessler, a senior who serves as the president of the Jewish Heritage Club says of the club, “Anyone is welcome at any time. Our club is more than just a group of students at Hills West, over the past three years we have formed a community. Our meetings are meaningful and its a great thing to look forward to every other Monday.” This sentiment applies to many other clubs, such as the Christian Ichtus Club, supervised by Nurse Patty, the Asian Club, the Zakat Club (for Muslim Students) and AASO (African American Student Organization). The GSA (Gay- Straight Alliance) is supervised by Mr. Romano and is also always open for new members. If you have an interest in creative writing or art, the Literary Magazine is always available to new members. Lastly, Theater West is another club that is open for new members half way through the year. “There are two plays throughout the year, with a new one approaching in the Spring” says Junior Daniel Rudin, a member of the club.

There are also many sports teams that start in the Spring for those interested in joining an athletic activity. For boys, there is lacrosse, track, tennis, and baseball; for girls, there is lacrosse, track, golf, and softball. Hills West also offers Co-ed badminton. Anyone interested in participating in Spring Sports should see the nurse as soon as possible to get the proper paperwork. Boys Physicals are February 10th and for girls its February 26th.

If you are interested in joining a new club, all of them are listed on the HHH website under clubs and activities for Hills West. You can contact the advisor for that club for more information. An important thing to remember with clubs is not to overextend yourself. Most colleges would rather see a student be a dedicated member of a few clubs than an uncommitted member of many. The most important thing to remember, however, is to have fun and garner as much experience possible in whatever club you end up joining.