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No Shave November Winner


Over the month of November, several students and teachers participated in the fundraising event of No-Shave-November. They spent the entire month without shaving their facial hair to show their support for diabetes. This specific fundraiser was organized by four sophomores, Will Catalenello, Steve Merkouris, Aaron Berley, and Christian Tirone. Amon Wahabzadeh, a junior, also participated in the contest.

For the fundraising process, people would essentially “sponsor” their friends and teachers to grow out a beard. Christian Tirone commented, “I really thought it was awesome taking a popular trend and changing it into something that can help people.”  The teachers who participated in this contest were Mr. Riccuiti, Mr. Donnelly, Mr. Cascio, Mr. Haugen, Mr. Diver, Mr. Kilkelly, Mr. Romano, and Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Riccuiti raised $302, Mr. Kilkelly raised $275, and Mr. Diver raised $220. With all of the money from these teachers and other money raised by students, the total money donated to the American Diabetes Association was $1,436.50.

Best beards were also voted on. Half of the decision was determined by the popular vote of the students and teachers, while the other half was determined by a committee of two faculty members and four students. After careful deliberation, the winners are Amon Wahabzadah and Mr. Romano.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser!