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Angelique Chaptar: A Hills West All Star in the Making


It’s not a surprise if you’ve heard of Angelique Chaptar, a member of the Hills West graduating class of 2015. Angelique is known for being a starting soccer player on the Girls Varsity Soccer Team and a star on her Albertson club team. On the field Chaptar is feared for her ankle-breaking moves and quick feet. Her deadly soccer skills have led to her being named a captain of the soccer team, even though she is only a junior.

Angelique is a rare and sought after  type of soccer player. Although she plays center defense, she has the agility and foot skills of a premiere midfielder. Angelique has been known to dribble through an entire team’s offense, midfield and defense and finish it off with near-perfect shots on net. Just this season Chaptar scored three goals for West’s soccer team, which is exceptional for   a defender.

This young soccer star also has a strong sense of determination which ultimately leads to her success on and off of the field. When asked about what being an athlete means to her, Chaptar responded, “Being an athlete is a lifestyle; what you eat, when you sleep, schoolwork, it all revolves around training. It has affected the way I see things and how I act. It has helped shape the person that I have become.” Angelique’s remarkable athletic skills do not just extend to soccer. She has been known to play basketball, lacrosse and loves participating in water skiing and wake boarding. While this may be true,  she is truly at home when she laces up her cleats and steps onto the soccer field.

As a freshmen Angelique was brought up to the Hills West Girls Varsity Team and has proven to her peers and coaches that she is well qualified for the job. As many athletes do, Chaptar often encounters physically challenging tasks, and to cope, she constantly has to be pushing herself. When asked about her training, she said, “At practice I always think to myself about what is going to make me better. I want to push myself knowing that I can learn more.  I always strive for the best and stay focused because I know it is important to stay strong for my team.” It is quite obvious that here at Hills West we have a star in the making, and it is safe to say we will see great things from Angelique Chaptar in the near future.