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What is the Homecoming Court?


Homecoming courtAs many of you know, Homecoming week recently passed, and as usual it was a success. Homecoming festivities began on Monday, October 7th, when the Hills West Class of 2014 Homecoming Court was officially revealed. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with what this term signifies, it is a notable High School West tradition.

Every year, students of the senior class choose 3 boys and 3 girls from their grade who they feel are worthy enough to be nominated into the court. The top 20 girls and the top 20 boys are then announced.

“For homecoming court, I voted for genuinely nice people who I believed truly deserved to be in it,” homecoming court member Starr Edghill commented.

Mrs. O’ Grady, who counts the homecoming ballots, stated, “There are no restrictions concerning those who are eligible for homecoming court. The potential students are based completely on the votes of their fellow students, and then narrowed down in a second election.”

On Friday October 11, seniors voted once more to narrow the nominees down to their top 10 boys and top 10 girls, who proceeded in the running of the Homecoming Court.  Once the top 10 boys and top 10 girls were selected, the members of the court were able to choose their partner, who escorted them in the future proceedings of Homecoming.

Homecoming Court member Julianne Nicolette says, “I did not expect a nomination or even [to be in the] court! I never once voted for myself. I think there are a lot of other people that deserve it, but it is an honor and I’m really enjoyed embarassing myself at pep rally.”

On Friday, October 25th each member of the Homecoming Court was formally introduced in the assembly, which was held in the gym during the day on the day of Pep Rally. During the Pep Rally on Friday evening, each duo prepared and performed a skit for their fellow students. In the past, the skits have been embarrassing and, of course, extremely entertaining. Every year, seniors find the skits to be a wonderful opportunity to make a fool of themselves as well as past and present trends and people. They usually involve ridiculous costumes, singing, dancing, and acting.

“The Homecoming nominee skits are one of the best parts of Homecoming. They are always so hilarious, and a great way to get the students pumped up for pep rally. I find that the more embarrassing [they are], the better,” expressed Student Executive Council Vice President, Sabrina Kim.

Several days before Homecoming, seniors voted for their final homecoming king and queen. Each member of the court, along with his or her partner, was ushered in the Homecoming Parade on the morning of Saturday, October 26th, along with the float and banner of each grade level. At the end of the homecoming football game, the Homecoming King and Queen were announced.

The Homecoming Court of the Class of 2014 includes:

Girls: Lizbi Bosua, Starr Edghill, Madison Lee, Bria Martone, Gina Mayes, Julianne Nicolette, Pooja Pandya, Jennifer Park, Joanna Ramsay, and Renee Russo

Boys: Kevin Ateniese, Christopher Baransky, Arthur Bosua, Cody Cao, Connor Duenas, Jacob Jaworowski, Opata Mate-Kole, Jason Rahimzadeh, Alex Rosenzweig, and Jamal Starling

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 Homecoming King, Cody Cao, and Homecoming Queen, Joanna Rams