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Preppy Day

Photo Credit: Lilly Milman
Photo Credit: Lilly Milman

In contrast to Monday, Tuesday consisted of students making the extra effort to look nice for the day. The student body showed off an impressive variety of styles, complete with khakis, boat shoes, v-neck sweaters, skirts, and much more. The day stood as an exciting spirit-building experience for all to show off their own clothes as well as to see how their friends looked in their thoughtfully prepared outfits. Hills West Sophomore Drew Tucker says,  “I dressed up for preppy day because I think the clothes make everyone look nice. In my opinion, days like these are a great opportunity to show school spirit and create fond memories that will stick with us for years to come.” David Kaplan also comments on the appeal of preppy day: “Spirit week is important because it shows that school isn’t just studying, [it’s also] about being yourself and having fun with it. Preppy day is just another way to show school spirit and enhance the high school experience.”