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Boys and Girls Volleyball Season Recaps


Boys Varsity Volleyball

The Boys Varsity Volleyball Team had a remarkable start to their season with an 8-game win streak. Throughout this stretch the team was practically unstoppable. Their entire season has been one of triumph, only suffering a few losses overall. When asked about the combined effort of the team this season, the coach said, “Luke Perlowski, John Natalone and Francis Gacek all led the team on the offensive, [while] John Stanis and Jason Scheingold continuously dominated on defense.” He later added, “The rest of the team has been just as amazing with their contributions, and I am thrilled to see how we move forward.”

The team picked up their first loss to the undefeated Sachem North later in the season. From that point on the team split their next four games, winning two and losing two. Sophomore Frank Tricamo, stated, “The team was on roll to start the season. We were crushing teams left and right, and it looked like we would win it all. We hit some rough patches near the end of the season, but we are determined to quickly regain our strength.” The team may have lost some of their beginning glory by the end, but there is no doubt that they have the potential to be champions. While the competition will be stiff, they are all ready to compete for the championship without holding anything back.

Girls Varsity Volleyball

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team has experienced an arduous, yet successful season this fall. With a record of 5 wins and 9 losses, the girls have continuously struggled to gain momentum. There have been moments of pure greatness when the girls dominated the court, but also moments of disharmony when they were unable to work efficiently as a team. When asked about the potential of her team, Coach DeNegris said, “The team is very versatile, and has a tremendous amount of talent all over. We have a few girls that are great defensively and a few girls that are an absolute threat offensively, as well. I think we all compliment each other very well and are a hard working team with a lot of potential.” 

Although the girls’ matches have not always gone their way, they are proud of what they have accomplished as a team. Senior Jenna Marinis said, “It has been a tough battle all year, and we are working to get better and better. Last year, we lost a lot of seniors, so many of the younger girls have had the opportunity to step up. They are all amazing players, and were a huge contribution to the wins that we brought in.” If there is one aspect of the team that really stands out, it is their stellar defense. Often, they have won matches because their defense has been rock solid throughout the games. Sophomore player, Alyse McAlpine said, “Our defense is truly unbelievable. When we have very tough matches, we can always count on our defensive skills to give us a chance to make a great comeback.” The girls look to end their season on a positive note. Although the team has not been perfect, the girls have been consistently giving it their all. Within the next few years, the girls will definitely bring home with a first place trophy.