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Summer Movie Recap


September 9th is in the rearview mirror now that school has started.  This summer’s fine cinema had evoked both laughter and pain for its viewers in the sweltering 90 degree weather; now it is the time to reflect on this summer’s movie calendar. As a critic, it’s essential to separate the good from the bad to form a focused opinion.  So without further adieu and after much thought, these were the three most notable movies of the summer of 2013.

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The best way to describe Elysium is a steroid-injected thrill ride.  Set in the future, Matt Damon and his merry men search to escape from the poverty ridden Earth to the stress-free world of Elysium nearby.  Off the heels of his recent hit movie, District 9, director Neil Bloomkamp astonished his audience with not only his story-telling ability, but also his abundant use of action-packed violence. Elysium was one of the better movies this summer; one that definitely does not need a corny sequel to follow.

There was a reason why we were all gloomy to start the school year: the Cornetto Trilogy has ended.  The World’s End capped off on an impressive run of movies from the comedic trifecta consisting of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright.  Like their previous films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, The World’s End is set in suburban England where a drunk lowlife Gary King (Simon Pegg) looks to seek out his old friends and complete a bar hopping night of excitement.  While many wouldn’t assume the thought of aliens would come into the picture, this movie holds more surprises that meets the eye.  Hills West Senior Chris Felice said,”it was a fantastic movie, funny as well with twists at every corner.”  The World’s End is a must see as it presses your buttons of pure, no holds barred laughter.

Like many other people today, Pixar films sparked my love for movies.  Monsters University, although being a good overall film, gave me feelings of nostalgia when I saw the original, that was the most powerful feeling when leaving the theater. All of the characters I remember growing up have another story to tell.  The film tells the story of how Mike and Sully’s first encounter as seemingly incompatible college roommates develop into their unbreakable friendship depicted in the original Monsters Inc.  Having a soft spot for Pixar should not be the only reason you enjoyed the film; this film leaves its viewers with positive outlook in addition to guaranteed satisfaction.

These films were some of the most memorable summer films in a long time.  Now we leave it up to the artists out west to handle what’s behind the door of 2014.


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