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Hills West Gets Tropical With New Fish Tank in Guidance


Next time you find yourself in the Guidance Office, stop and take a look around. Does anything feel different? Maybe you’ve noticed that the office has taken on a more soothing and comforting appeal. This new-found serenity is due to the recently remodeled fish tank in the office, which has been stirring up conversation among students and teachers since its installment.

The man behind the project is a Marine Specialist named Douglas, who was brought in by the District to liven up its dilapidated marine environments. “It took a couple of days to construct,” said Douglas about the Guidance tank, “First we had to cycle the water and make sure everything was biologically sound. Then once everything okay we brought in some tropical fish.” The fish that he brought include very desirable species such as Mollys, Platys and several types of guppies.

“There’s been a lot of red tape because of the budget problems,” added Douglas. Despite this, he says he is optimistic about his future projects with the District, which include work at other district schools and revamping Hills West’s pond in the Schools courtyard. On an interesting note, Douglas is actually a Half Hollow Hills graduate and his mother works as a Secretary in the Main Office at Hills West. Students seem to be enjoying Douglas’ work, one being Freshmen Joe Stone. “The tank certainly has a relaxing feel to it,” he said, “I think it makes the whole school experience easier when you walk by it.”