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We’re Not the Best, We’re HANDSOM

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If you have heard of Coachella, then you have definitely heard of HANDSOM. HANDSOM is one of many local Hills West student-run bands, and this one is composed of five close friends. Members include drummer/rapper Dan Chinitz (11), pianist Daniel Rudin (10), guitarist Noah Berley (11), bassist Eric Sabshon (10), and saxaphonist Sam Gochman (11). These five decided they wanted to mix their musical talents to play some upbeat, fun, and relaxing music for all of Hills West to hear.

Debuting at the 2012 Hills West Variety Show, the band played one of Daniel Rudin’s original songs. “It was really great having a band that opened up to my original music,” commented Daniel Rudin. “We decided to name the song “The Lick” because I kept playing this smooth rhythm over and over again on my saxophone,” explained Sam Gochman. It was a fantastic performance featuring solos by all members of the band.

Now, a year later, HANDSOM has played all sorts of gigs at Hills West. The band was featured at Westock 2012, playing another Dan Rudin original, and was also spotted playing at the robotics competition hosted by Hills West. HANDSOM was asked to play as the “setting up” band for all of the other schools at the competition. Featuring songs such as The Grateful Dead’s “China Cat Sunflower” and Sublime’s “Doin’ Time (Uptown Dub),” they were a huge hit for the robotics contestors. “Mr. Aptowitz even asked time if we could play another twenty minute set,” stated Noah Berley when asked about his performance.

Most recently, HANDSOM played an unannounced debut of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” at the 2013 Variety Show. “We purposely didn’t tell anyone, even our parents, so we could surprise the crowd and no one could ruin the surprise,” explained bassist Eric Sabshon. The big surprise to everyone was Dan Chinitz getting off of his drum set and rapping the entire song to the audience. Audience member junior Renee Russo commented, “I was a little taken back and didn’t think he could pull it off, but he did! And I thought it was hysterical and awesome!”

For more information on the members of the band you can find their videos and pictures on the “Handsom” Facebook page or contact the band at Handsomband@gmail.com.

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