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Senior Baller Marcus Solomon Has Bright Future at College


Standing at 6’2”, senior varsity boys basketball player Marcus Solomon has shown himself to be one of the stars of the Colts, and a key contributor to their success this year. Now, with his final high school game behind him, Solomon looks to begin a new legacy in college.

Solomon’s talent on the court has already materialized into serious looks by Division 1 and 2 schools. At the top of the list for him right now are Union College, Pace, Sacred Heart, American University, and, Division 1 school, Towson.  These schools have all expressed serious interest in bringing him to their campus next year. An obvious reason Solomon is being recruited is because of his impressive numbers, as he has averages of 15 points, 6 assists, 8 rebounds, and about 3 blocks and steals per game.

“Marcus is going to go down as one of the best all around basketball players in Hills West history,” commented head basketball coach William Mitaritonna. “He was the glue to our season this year.”

But as Solomon’s teammates report, his true talent is not just in his numbers.  “He’s a hard-working player, he certainly deserves getting recruited.  He has the best fundamentals on the team. He does the little things on both offense and defense,” said teammate and friend senior Neneyo Mate-Kole, who added that Marcus is a “humble guy.”

Solomon’s guidance counselor Mrs. Kesten had further praise, “He’s a fabulous athlete as well as an excellent student, so I’m sure he will be quite successful at whatever school he attends. He’s also well-liked by our faculty and student body, so I’m sure he’ll make friends easily and be a great team member.”

As usual, Solomon took a humble approach and didn’t give himself all the credit, “I want to thank my team in general, everybody, not really one person.” With an attitude and skill set like that, it certainly seems like we won’t be seeing the last of Marcus Solomon.