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Fencers’ Determination Shines Against Ward Melville


The Ward Melville fencing team has been undefeated for over a decade.  Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the Hills fencers were unable to win their meet against Ward Melville despite their best efforts.

The boys lost 17-10, but not before winning some difficult bouts.  Sabre fencer Jack Goldberg won two of his three sabre bouts, only losing his last by one touch.  Benjamin Rappaport also went 2-1 for the epee team.  In addition, Kenneth Meserole, John Malandrakis, and Alex Lemble each won their only bout of the evening.

The final score for the defeated girls’ team was 21-6.  The Hills sabre fencers faced an especially formidable opponent: the Ward Melville girls’ sabre team is nationally ranked and nearly unbeatable.  In a particularly suspenseful sabre bout, underdog Anja Kenagy, who had been losing 4-2, managed to score the three touches she needed and win her bout 5-4.  Epee captain Julie Park also won both of her bouts, preserving her nearly flawless win record for Hills.

Although they lost the meet, the Hills team definitely fenced well against Ward Melville.  It served as an opportunity for improvement and learning, and the team will have a chance to put their skills to use at the Commack meet next week.