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Peer Alliance Day

Pledge thumb prints by Lilly Milman
Pledge thumb prints by Lilly Milman

On January 29th, Hills West participated in the second annual Peer Alliance Day.  The Hills West Peer Ambassadors looked to raise awareness against bullying through this event.  “We hope to be the people to whom anybody can turn to if needed,” explained senior Jared Silberlust about the Peer Ambassadors.

“Peer Alliance Day was organized by the Peer Ambassadors Program in order to gain the school’s support against bullying. Everyone wore blue for our cause, and over 1,000 students signed the pledge stating that they were not going to bully, and would stand up for what’s right. Afterwards, they would place their thumbprint on a poster along with their peers, showing that if everyone comes together as one, we can make a difference to prevent bullying. Peer Alliance Day was a huge success, and I am very proud to have been a part of it,” explained senior and Peer Ambassador Danielle Cardito.

Those who participated were rewarded for their efforts.  Students who wore blue received cookies donated by the DiGiorgi family, and those who pledged received a blue bracelet that had “Take The Pledge” written across it.

Peer Ambassadors looks to raise awareness to the worldwide problem of bullying, not just through this event, but throughout the entire school year.

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