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Cell Phones During State Tests


A new rule enacted by New York State states that all electronics must be collected by proctors during New York state tests. That is, cell phones cannot remain in the possession of students during tests. Before this new rule, students were simply able to turn off their phones and put them on the floor before beginning the test.

The new policy is being enforced to further prevent cheating that can go occur while students are taking a test. Any form of communication during a test is prohibited to create a fair testing environment. “I think regulations on cheating are necessary because the harder it’s made for kids to cheat the less it’ll happen, I always hear about kids cheating and sometimes it can bring down people who don’t cheat, like their chances of getting into certain colleges because they were beat out by someone who really just cheated,” explained sophomore Christa Kiedaisch

About two years ago, a former student at Great Neck North High School was accused of taking the SATs for approximately 15 students trying to improve their chances of getting into a better college. The increased security being implemented in state tests may soon spread to tests like the SATs or ACTs to prevent this from ever happening again.

“I do feel as though some measures are necessary to prevent cheating. It’s no secret that students will do whatever it takes to get the best possible grades on the most important tests because of the amount of pressure put on them to do well. I think it is important that no students are given the opportunity to have an unfair advantage over any other student, especially on the more important tests,” commented sophomore Dan Rudin.

In Hills West classrooms, cell phones are prohibited from being used throughout the school day. Most teachers offer a first warning before taking the phone, giving it to an administrator, and issuing a detention.

When taking an SAT or ACT, if a student:s phone rings or vibrates noticeably, punishment will be avoided if you don’t acknowledge the phone at all and ignore it. This policy seems to be more lenient than the policy regarding a state test.

Sophomore Alyssa Goodman comments, “I carry my cellphone with me everywhere at all times and I feel unsafe and unnatural without it.” This dependency on technology is being broken by this new policy being implemented into the state testing areas.

As usual, before any official New York state test, it is advised that you turn off your cell phone to avoid any sort of vibrating or ringing that would lead to penalization. A letter will be sent out to parents and students about this new regulation.