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Filling the Extra Period

High School Elective Courses

As second quarter is quickly coming to an end, the questions of what courses to take next year have arisen. For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, course selections are vital in determining one’s final resume for high school while ensuring that the workload of the courses is manageable and not too overwhelming.

From Accounting to Hip Hop Culture to Women’s Choir, students are able to choose among electives which pertain to their interests, including art, music, health, or a branch of a specific academic subject.  However, due to the potential reductions in available courses, especially in electives, for the upcoming school year, guidance is encouraging students to sign up for as many possible electives as possible that they are interested in.  Guidance is advising students to do this to prevent classes from being eliminated due to a lack of interest. The wide variety of electives is essential in ensuring that every student will have an equal opportunity in taking an extra class simply to expand their interests and knowledge in a specific area during the day.

I want to continue on the research path through high school and eventually win a prize at Intel or Siemens. I’m also hoping that being in research will improve my chances of getting into a competitive college. I am also taking ceramics because, as a junior, I will have a really heavy AP course load. To balance that out, I want to have a class where I can relax and have fun,” commented sophomore Rose Bender.

Electives, though they seem expendable, allow students a period to escape from the demands and pressures of core subjects.  They are a chance to relieve students from the pressures of school by engaging in an activity that they thoroughly enjoy.